Franklin Levinson's Equine Facilitated Learning Clinic

Event date: 
7 February 2010

Thurs 4 February - Sunday 7 February 2010

at Pegasus - 119 Drake Brockman Dr, HOLT ACT

What is Equine Facilitated Learning?

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a process by which children and adults learn about themselves, other people and the world through interactions with horses. It's a ground based activity, and is not about teaching riding or horse care skills, yet it has applications for a wide range of individuals, including those who have difficulty fitting into the "real world". Equine Facilitated Learning is gaining popularity worldwide as a means of helping children and adults with a range of social, emotional and developmental disabilities (such as Autism Spectrum Disorders - ASD), or mental illness (such as depression). Franklin has found that for children with mental and emotional disorders, the benefits of the experience with horses are often profound. Children with ASD will focus on the horse for long periods of time even though they have difficulty focusing in their everyday lives. Once children understand how to ask for and receive cooperation from the horse, their self esteem and confidence goes sky-high. For a child or young adult who has very little control of their own environment, EFL can be very empowering - providing communication and relationship skills and teaching responsibility, respect, trust and self control.

How does EFL work?

When working with humans, horses act like a mirror - they cannot lie, they simply reflect back to us our emotions, energy levels and communications. As they are prey animals, they have an overriding instinct to feel safe. They will become fearful if in the presence of aggressive, noisy or over controlling person, yet they are constantly searching for a leader to help them feel safe. EFL teaches children the importance of body language, gestures, breathing and voice and shows them how to build relationships based on trust and respect - all taught through practical lessons working with a horse.

A Four Day EFL Clinic

This clinic is being conducted by Franklin Levinson - a USA based horseman with over forty years of experience in working with children and horses. Franklin now travels the world teaching EFL techniques and working with children to enhance their communication and leadership skills and boost their self-esteem and confidence through his unique work with horses.

This clinic is aimed at people interested in learning more about how horses can help children to learn skills that build trust and improve relationships. It will be particularly beneficial for equestrian coaches, health professionals, social workers, youth workers, counselors, teachers and those who work with children with a disability.

$550 - no catering included - BYO snacks and lunch.
Pegasus Riding for the Disabled
119 Drake Brockman Dr
Holt, ACT
9 - 4pm Thurs 4 Feb - Sun 7 Feb 2010

Due to the nature of this clinic, no observers are allowed - full fee paying places only.

Bookings and Further Information

For more information of to book your place in this Clinic, please contact Franklin's Australian tour co-ordinator, Cathy Prior on 0438 875 686 or email: [email protected] .