ISP Policy Information for ACT residents

Event date: 
15 February 2007

ISP POLICY Information Session 2

15 February 2007
3pm to 4:30pm
Diplomat Hotel (Corner of Canberra Avenue and Hely Street, Manuka)

The conference room is wheelchair accessible.

The new ISP policy appears to disadvantage current ISP holders and those with a disability.

We need a big turnout of people with disabilities asking the department as many questions as possible, so that they can see how many people this will affect.

It is imperative that people who have an ISP turn up to let their feelings be known.

Before the meeting we will send you a copy of the policy with comments about the implications on relevant sections. Read from page 19 of the policy.

If you can't speak for yourself or don't feel comfortable doing so, or cannot attend, we will provide people to speak on your behalf. Please email us your questions before the meeting.