Mindscapes Festival - ACT

Event date: 
10 October 2009

A Festival of music, entertainment, poetry, art and film

Saturday 10 October 2009, 4.00 to 10.00pm

Garema Place, Canberra City  

The Mindscapes Music and Arts Festival is:

  • A community event.
  • A collaboration between consumers, carers and services
  • Aimed at strengthening social relationships within the community by providing a range of entertainment in a fun atmosphere where all members of the family and community can participate in some way
  • A celebration of Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day  

The Mindscapes music and arts festival includes:

  • A poetry competition
  • A music festival held at Garema Place, Civic.
  • A community BBQ
  • A short film competition and film festival screened at Dendy Cinema on Wednesday 14 October  

Aim: To change community attitudes about mental illness in our local community.

The underpinning aim of this festival is to build community capacity. The Mindscapes festival hopes to:

  • Create conversations about social acceptance and mental illness, and to decrease people’s sense of isolation by building a sense of community inclusion.
  • Bring together people who experience mental illness, service providers and the general community.
  • Assist in creating community awareness of the facts about mental illness and its impacts.
  • Raise awareness of Recovery and what this means for people experiencing issues with their mental health.
  • Celebrate the capacity of people with mental illness to contribute to their community.  

Mindscapes Music and Arts Festival working group:

A number of services, consumers and carers are working in partnership to develop the Mindscapes Music and Arts Festival. Services include:

  • Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Richmond Fellowship ACT
  • Mental Health ACT & Mental Health Policy Unit
  • ACT Mental Health Consumer Network
  • Belconnen Community Service
  • Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW - Canberra
  • Beyondblue  

Check out the Youtube video!