National Voice 4 The Voiceless

Event date: 
19 September 2007

Australia's the new face for a dynamic and diverse political party. National Voice is a future political party that is focused on community and disability issues. National Voice is currently in the process of applying for incorporation and recruiting members.

After National Voice is incorporated they intend on running for this year's Federal election. National Voice is a future political party that gives the disabled and community a voice nation wide.

National Voice's prime focus is creating a better future for Australia's community. Tackling state and nation wide disability services as well as community services.

'With a political party that's focused on Australia's community we can create a better future for our country' says National Voice's Darren Andrews.

National Voice will effectively and efficiently create a better economy for Australia. With the local/state and federal communities all having a say in National Voice's movements.

Public meeting Wednesday 19th September 2007.
Meeting Room 1 Upstairs, State Library of South Australia.
All welcome RSVP: [email protected]

For more information:
Nathaniel Delaney
Corporate Communications