PBI One Day Workshop, Sydney

Event date: 
1 August 2008

One Day Workshop: Positive Behavioural Interventions for People Using Challenging Behaviours

Attending this unique and hands on workshop will provide you with a new and innovative experience in the application of individualised behavioural strategies. Use of real case examples and the opportunity to practice learned strategies throughout the workshop, allows for a true understanding, that can be integrated into your every-day-life. The focus of this workshop will be on the development of skills-building and preventative strategies as opposed to reactive strategies. This will lead to the reduction of unwanted behaviours and an increase in occurrences of more sought-after appropriate behaviours. The practical and common sense strategies presented in your user friendly workbook, will allow for ongoing reference and effective implementation after you have completed this workshop.


A person, who used Challenging Behaviour(s), is likely to be responding to a situation they perceive as challenging and that they do not currently have the appropriate means to manage effectively. Challenging Behaviours are often a person's only existing skills to communicate a message to other people: 'I don't know how to manage this situation i am finding challenging'. This programme is designed to assist individuals wanting to change their own unwanted behaviours and those who work with people using challenging behaviours to: (1) better understand the reasons why challenging behaviours occur and (2) to develop effective interventions based on preventative and skills-building strategies. Strategies learnt will assist an individual to use appropriate behaviours and therefore better manage, in these same situations they previously found to difficult to handle effectively.

Course Outline

Module 1
  1. Assumptions of the behaviour intervention framework
  2. Anxiety and behavioural deterioration
  3. Sequence and Functions of Behaviour
  4. Means of Behavioural Change
  5. Identifying when intervention is required (Thermometer)
Module 2
  1. Types of Behavioural Interventions
  2. Punishment vs Reinforcement
  3. Extinction Burst
  4. Alternative Appropriate Behaviours
  5. Token Economy
Module 3
  1. Structure and Routine
  2. Visual Schedules
  3. Task Break Down Templates
  4. Task Analysis
Module 4
  1. Alternative means of Functional Communication
  2. Social Skills
  3. Self Instruction Training
  4. Relaxation Strategies
  5. Summary

Target Group

  • Employees from: Education Services; Disability Services; Residential Support Networks; and other Health & Human Services who comprise for clientele diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder including Aspergers Syndrome
  • Carers of people who an ASD including parents; partners; siblings; grandparents; relatives & friends
  • Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome

About Presenter

Tan Curtis has extensive experience working in the field of Behaviour Management and Counselling in university clinical settings and private practice with children, adolescents and adults who are displaying challenging and unwanted behaviours. Tan's experience has included (but not limited to) supporting those who are experiencing difficulties related to: Anxiety; Aspergers Syndrome; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Eating Disorders; Bipolar; Borderline Personality Disorder; Schizophrenia and Depression. Tan has a Master of Behaviour Management; a Master of Counselling; a Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management) and as Associate Diploma of Education.

Programme Details


Friday, 1st August 2008

  • 8.30am - Registration
  • 9.00am - Start
  • 4.30pm - Finish

Bankstown Golf Club

  • Ashford Avenue
    Milperra NSW 2214
  • Morning Tea
  • Afternoon Tea
  • $175.00 per person per single booking
  • $148.50 per person for group booking (2 or more people)      All prices inclusive of GST      * Cancellation fees apply

Limited places available. Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of payment (i.e., direct transfer, credit card or cheque by mail)

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