Wheelchair Roll Parade

Event date: 
5 June 2009

Over the last few years a parade called a Wheelchair Roll “rolls” from the Sydney Cricket Ground to NSW Parliament House. It goes along Oxford, College and Macquarie Streets.... with a police escort. It aims at raising awareness of some of the issues facing immobile people and allied/related issues with carers. This year’s parade is on Friday 5th June 2009 from 10am through to about 2pm. It is a fun day out with activities before the Roll. The Parade/Roll will be held on Friday 5th June, meeting at the Sydney Cricket Ground from around 9.45am with some activities and a photo shoot. The parade will start around 11.25-11.30am and end up at Parliament House around 1.00pm. It will have a police escort.

People can participate in a wheelchair or as a carer or be a pusher for someone else. There is also provision for groups in buses to be part of the parade as well.