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Can you fund our event?

Nican's promotion of IDPD is made possible through the financial support of Australia Government Department of Family and Community Services. Nican has no additional funds available to support individual events across Australia. Nican can however support your event through the supply of promotional materials, the supply of the national campaign logo, event planning support from our team and the availability of a starter kit containing helpful hints and suggestions on how to make you event a success.

Can you organise insurance for our event?

Public Liability Insurance for events is still a significant issue for many organisations planning to celebrate IDPD. Unfortunately Nican is not able to offer assistance in this matter except to suggest that you contact your regular insurer and receive their advice as to whether your event is covered and how to proceed if it is not.

What can you supply us with?

Nican has a range of national campaign materials that can be of assistance such as posters, stickers, balloons, information brochures and lapel ribbons.

We can also supply you with a General Starter Kit that contains information to help you plan and manage your event successfully. And if you get stuck, or need some advice, you can call us during business hours and we'll be delighted to assist in any way possible.

Can you assist us with media coverage?

We can provide you with media release example and a press advertisement or community notice that you can take to your local paper, networks, council etc and ask them to support the day and message by placing it in their publication/s.

We can provide you with the contact details of your local newspaper or radio station. We do recommend that you contact them to discuss your event receiving coverage in the local media. We can also supply you with additional support information about IDPD to assist you to place you event in an international context any interviews you may conduct.