School Activities

These are some ideas that have been used in previous years. You are welcome to come up with something different, or to adapt the ideas to suit your own needs.

Art & Craft Activities

  • Mouth/Foot Painting
  • Painting Blindfolded
  • Kite Making
  • Design an awareness poster
  • Drawing, colouring, story competition (read the stories and discuss)
  • Role Play (imagine you have a disability and write about it)

Sporting Activities

  • Sitting Volleyball
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Goalball
  • Treasure hunt relay (in a wheelchair)
  • Wheelchair dancing
  • Bushwalk

Theme Days

  • No uniforms
  • Wear tattoos/stickers
  • Spray your hair

Other Ideas

  • Invite a celebrity/person with a disability along to talk about the day and living with a disability
  • Put up posters, hand out stickers and tattoos
  • Have a poetry competition