Writing Invitations

Some events may require invitations. When writing your invitation remember that people will only want to attend your event if it sounds interesting and exciting.

What are you doing?

Write a short blurb about the activities that you have planned, as well as speakers, performers and personalities who will attend. You should also make note of food and refreshments (should guests bring food, or will it be supplied?).


Include directions or a map of your event venue. Transport details such as the closest bus route, train station and parking etc are useful.


Include starting and finishing times. If you have set times for speakers, you might write up a small program (this is particularly useful for the media - you don't want them coming to an event and finding they have missed the guest speaker).


Include contact numbers so people can get in touch if necessary. If the event is not at your usual place of business, try to include a mobile phone number on the invitation.


RSVPs are necessary for catering and/or seating arrangements. Have participants' contact you before the big day by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. If they have not contacted you close to the date give them a call to confirm attendance (this is particularly important for prominent members of the community).


Make sure you get spelling and titles right on the invitations. If you are unsure about a persons name or title, phone them in advance to clarify.

Dress Code

It can be embarrassing for someone to arrive at an event or function either over or underdressed, so it is important to include a note about what is expected (eg casual, after 5, black tie etc).