Brisbane City Council's Staff Disability Reference Group raises Awareness of International Day of People with Disability

December 2, 2005

Between 8.00 am and 10.00 am, 550 'International Day of People with Disability' balloons were distributed to staff as they entered the Brisbane Administration Centre for work. Many people stopped to chat and inquire as to the nature of the promotion and the status of staff with disabilities. The disability awareness materials supplied by Disability Services Qld proved popular. Numerous people stated that it would be useful for their children's school projects.

Distributing the balloons proved a very effective icebreaker. People focussed on getting to their desks were distracted sufficiently, and put at ease, that they found time to stop, smile and speak. The level of activity, and the interest in the disability awareness materials, declined appreciably when the balloon distribution ended. Future promotions of the International Day will benefit from balloons or similar, popular give away materials that create the necessary relaxed climate for dialogue with busy people.

All Disability Reference Group participants enjoyed themselves. Balloon recipients were on the whole very happy when offered a balloon. Several people offered monetary donations, which were courteously refused.