The Kaye Byrne Memorial Award

The objectives of this initiative was to obtain a permanent job for Chris Palmer, who as a young man of 18 years of age, had never been offered permanent, secure employment.

The initiatives involved taking a person with disabilities (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) as a School Based Trainee for 12 months through a joint agreement with the Constable Development Program Axial, the Training Provider for the student. The challenge for the applicant was to be able to retain this student as a permanent employee on the conclusion of his 12 month certificate course. This was implemented on 12 June 2002.

Not only has Chris successfully completed Certificate 1 in Office Studies, he is an accepted member of a team who is the only member of Queensland Police Service to be employed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

The greatest impact that Chris' employment has had upon this Program has been upon the staff of CDP itself. Everyone who meets Chris recognises that no matter what type or level of disability that people have, they still have a role that they can perform as respected member of a team.

The CDP has offered Chris consistent and challenging work that has allowed him to feel both productive and have a sense of worth within the workplace.