This is an excellent game that can be played by everyone. It is often played by people with cerebral palsy in the paralympics.


  • 1 small ball
  • 8 larger balls (any size will do)
  • Large open area


You can either play as individuals or in teams. One person must first throw the small ball into the playing area. The aim is then to get your ball as close to the small ball as possible. The person who gets their ball closest to the small ball is the winner.

People with cerebral palsy use ramps to launch the ball into the playing area. This can add a new dimension of fun for the kids. Instead of building ramps, kids can use their body as the launching ramp. They do this by sitting on a chair with their legs together, stretched out straight and slightly elevated - toes are pointed. The ball is then held at the chest and it rolls down the body. Kids will have to move their legs (angle and direction) to aim the ball.

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