Goal Ball


  • Ball - with a bell inside
  • 4 orange traffic cones (two for each goal)
  • 6 blindfolds - preferably more (if you have a large class and want to rotate quickly)
  • wooden floor - hall or gymnasium
  • masking tape


Goal Ball Field Diagram

Place masking tape on the floor to mark out the playing area.


There are three players on each team. Their positions are marked on the diagram. The aim of the game is to roll the ball past the opposition, and get it through the goals. The goals are the nine-metre line.

When the players hear the ball coming, they have to try to block it with their bodies (lying across the floor). If they intercept the ball, they throw it back in an effort to get a goal. The ball must always be thrown underarm (like ten-pin bowling) and it must be rolling by the time it gets to the half way mark. This avoids injury.

If the ball goes out of the court, the defending team gets the ball. If the ball goes out through a block, the defending team still gets the ball.

Goal Ball is often played with 10-minute halves, however in schools, where there are a number of students' eager to have a go, we suggest three-minute halves.

The ball must be rolling by the time it gets to the half way mark. If it isn't rolling by this point, the opposing team is entitled to a penalty shot.

For more information you can go to http://www.goalball.org.au/


There are two safety recommendations:

  1. The two players on the sides of the court should slide with their feet first. This avoids head on collisions.
  2. When defending your goal, reach your arms out like you picking fruit in a high tree. In a lying down position, this will block your face from the ball.

** A penalty shot means that one person must defend the goals alone (their two-team mates are taken off the court).