Steal The Keys

The group makes a large circle. A chair is placed in the middle of the circle. A set of keys is placed underneath the chair. One 'master' is selected and must sit on the chair wearing a blindfold. The circle is divided into groups (give the groups a numbers or a name - animals are popular). Each group should total no more than five people.

The teacher calls to action one of the groups, and they must then try to sneak up to the chair and steal the keys. They are only successful if they are able to rejoin the circle without getting caught. The master must point directly at people if they hear them coming towards them (they cannot scan with their arm).

If a person is directly 'spotted', they must walk back and join the circle until their next turn. A time limit (eg. one-minute) is set for groups to steal the keys. A new master is chosen a new group starts the hunt.