Traffic Lights

The kids start on a line at one end of the playing area (a field, basketball court or the school hall). A 'traffic controller' is selected from the group - they stand at the opposite end of the playing area. Traffic signals are explained to the group - for example, a hand held straight up means 'stop', a hand by the side means 'go'. The 'traffic controller' stands with their back to the rest of the group.

On the 'traffic controllers' signal, the group must try to sneak up across to the other side of the playing area - to the line where the traffic controller is standing. Every time the 'traffic controller' signals stop, everyone must stop. The 'traffic controller' then turns around and tries to catch people still moving. Those caught must go back to the start. The game continues until a person crosses the line.

Any game can be modified so that instructions or directions are given by any means other than verbal communication.