Trick Counting

The class is broken into groups of no more than ten. Each group forms a circle. One person is chosen to be in the middle of the circle, they are given a ball, and they are blindfolded. The person in the middle is called the 'keeper'. Each person in the circle is given a number from one to nine (the number of people in the group). Group members then change positions in the circle so that their numbers are not consecutive. The group then counts consecutively, starting at one.

The counting will not go around the circle in order - it will be called out sporadically because of the repositioning of the people in the circle.

To begin with person 'one' will call out their number "one". When the 'keeper' hears "one", they must turn and bounce the ball to 'one'. 'One' then bounces the ball back to the 'keeper'. 'Two' then calls out "two" and the 'keeper' bounces the ball to them. The game continues until all players have received and passed the ball. A new middle person is then chosen, the group mixes up numbers again and the new person must determine where to pass the ball.