Bored? Feeling like you have nothing to do and nowhere to go?

Date posted: 
23 March 2011

Then why not get involved in our new project called Know Before You Go? Know Before You Go aims to build the confidence of people with disabilities to plan and get involved in social, recreational and cultural activities in Canberra. A series of learning circles will encourage participants to investigate their own barriers to engagement. Then, as a group, participants will develop strategies and a plan of action to get out and involved in the community in the activities that they love. Jim McGrath has joined Nican and will be working with Craig Wallace to manage the project and facilitate the learning circles later this year. "I'm really excited about the personal empowerment that Know Before You Go will give people with disabilities. I have a passion for community arts and recreation projects and know just how important and rewarding they can be for everyone involved," Jim said. A handy toolbox of information, checklists and resources will be developed as part of the project. Workshops for recreational service providers will also help lay some of the groundwork to enable greater participation for the participants and the disability community more generally. If you are 18 years old or over, have a disability, live in Canberra and would like to register your interest in the Know Before You Go learning circles, please phone 1800 806 769 or email Jim at [email protected] This project is supported with assistance from the ACT Government under Disability ACT.