Charity Computers

Date posted: 
22 December 2004


To receive donated computers and supply a low cost, fully supported computer to disadvantaged people in Australia.


Charity Computers supplies computers to the most disadvantaged sectors of the community that have no other means to get this valuable resource. To be eligible, all that is required is that the person be the holder of a concession card, or, be 'a not for profit organisation', or someone who has been referred by a school, government, or community organisation in Australia.

This operation allows children to complete homework, disadvantaged people to access government services, complete training courses, and/or apply for employment.

The computers are supplied at the following prices, Pentium I $50, Pentium II $100, and Pentium III for $200. All computers come complete with Monitor, mouse, keyboard, operating system and 12 months warranty.

Donations of computer equipment are received from private households, businesses; ACT Government PC Reuse Scheme, NSW Government Re-connect Scheme. Microsoft Australia has donated Windows 98 licences.

This year we will supply 5,000 to 10,000 computers to concession cardholders and not for profit organizations in Australia.


According to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, there are 43,000 households in the ACT and approximately 2,000,000 households Australia wide without a computer. To help meet this need, Charity Computers is now seeking large quantities of used computers from the Federal Government to be refurbished and supplied to those in need.


Individuals may be referred form community organisations. Charity Computers can invoice your organisation after they attend. This means that no cash needs to be given to the client or exchanged. The referring organisation needs to send an email to [email protected] prior to the client attending and we will return email the invoice when they have picked up their computer.


This service effectively breaks the Digital Divide, by allowing numerous community and government organisations as well as individuals to have accessed to our low cost computers for themselves and their clients.

Charity Computers has established a refurbishing centre in the ACT at Charnwood, and distribution centres in Goulburn, Cooma and Queanbeyan and will increase this number to 20 in major towns in southeastern NSW by July 2005. Further expansion throughout NSW and interstate is planned for the financial year 2005-2006.


Charity Computers
46 Lhotsky Street
Charnwood ACT 2615

Phone: 02 6259 8539
Fax: 02 6259 8034

Email: [email protected]