Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Community

Date posted: 
11 September 2006

Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Community

Do you have heart-warming, insightful and powerfully moving stories about what life has taught you and how to live life to its fullest? The authors of the New York Times Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul are currently seeking stories to be included in a new book tentatively titled Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Community: 101 heartwarming, helpful, healing stories that offer inspiration and promise surrounding the lives of special needs individuals. Through these stories, the readers learn how others facing similar challenges can learn to overcome the many obstacles they have. They do this by connecting with emotions in the real life experience by learning they can choose peace and happiness in each situation regardless of how challenging it appears from the outside.
Now you have an opportunity to contribute to this new series by sharing your strength, insights, knowledge and wisdom.

What makes a good Chicken Soup story?

A Chicken Soup story is an inspirational, true story that opens the heart and re-kindles the spirit. It is the personal account of an event, an obstacle overcome, a lesson learned or a dream fulfilled that helps the reader discover basic principles they can use in their own lives.

Some of the topics we will include are:

1) On Attitude: This chapter contains stories about the powerful healing that takes place through the deep and meaningful transition from denial to final positive attitudinal acceptance while learning a loved one has special needs whether they are a newborn child or a lifetime occurrence.

2) Family Dynamics: This chapter contains stories that demonstrate the healing power a family has towards a special needs loved one through love, patience, understanding and relentless hope that parents, siblings and extended family share.

3) Early Learning: This chapter contains heartwarming and compassionate stories of the early intervention school years while many children are engrossed in intense therapies. They are shared through the perspective of the many teachers, whether they are in the schools or even the parents that teach them through home schooling.

4) The Teen Years: This chapter contains stories around the challenges teens face going through puberty and teen years such as body changes, boyfriends and girlfriends, learning to drive, life decisions and going through the many emotional challenges that they face.

5) On Friendships and Relationships This chapter contains stories of heroic acts and very meaningful, caring relationships peers develop and the lessons that they learn from one another. There are stories of bullying, protection, support and empowerment, where the centers of our hearts are opened up.

6) Celebrating Differences: This chapter celebrates the gifts and phenomenal wonder many people with special needs bring the world such as incredible music, brilliant minds, artwork and many other talents they offer to the world. It's about finding the good in every person regardless of the challenges they may face.

7) Humor is Healing: This chapter promotes the popular saying "Laughter is the best medicine." It contains stories that show the healing power of humor, from simply silly to gut wrenching hilarious allowing us to see the lighter side of each situation regardless of the severity.

8) Adulthood: This chapter contains stories of special needs individuals after the age of 21 when oftentimes the regular means of support are no longer in place. It explores issues like employment, group home placements, volunteerism and family living arrangements.

9) Transitions: This chapter contains stories about the strength, courage and understanding a special needs person faces and must learn how to embrace when losing a loved one. It also goes through situations surrounding aging and what happens next in their lives.

10) Empowering Everyone: This chapter contains stories about the circle of support surrounding a special needs person during their lifetime. These loving, caring, supporting people are what life is all about. The old adage "It takes a village to raise a child" encapsulates this chapter perfectly!

We are looking for "teaching tales" that inspire the reader to draw their own conclusions and insights from the story itself.

If you have a story you would like to submit, please email your stories to [email protected]

We look forward to receiving your story and thank you for reading Chicken Soup for the Soul®.


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