Hands on Studio places available

Date posted: 
15 March 2012

Places are available for classes at Hands On Studio who provide access to professional art classes as well as generic craft classes and pottery for people with a disability.

The studio is on the grounds of M16 (21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith) providing access to the art community in Canberra. The studio holds a variety of exhibitions and sales during the year which enables the students to sell their creations to the general public. The studio provides an opportunity for people to develop and showcase their work. It also operates 'Art Bank' which provides organisations and businesses the chance to buy or lease works for public display.

 Hands on studio promotes:

  • ·         Development of artistic skills
  • ·         Confidence & self esteem
  • ·         Development of social skills
  • ·         Freedom in making choices and confidence in those choices
  • ·         A sense of achievement through exhibition of their work

 Eligibility requirements:

  • ·         Person with a Disability
  • ·         Resident of the ACT
  • ·         Over 18 years

Fees & Payment:

The fees currently stand at $180.00 per term (as at 23.11.10) Students will be invoiced at the commencement of each term.

Class Schedule:


Painting and Print Making-

Morning- 9:30 to 12noon

Afternoon- 1 to 4pm



Pottery and Sculpture- 9:30 to 12noon

Painting- 1 to 3pm


Mixed Media/ Craft- 9:30 to 12noon

For more information about the studio phone: 6162 4518 To register for classes phone: 6163 7669 or 61637665