International Day of People with DisAbility Event Registrations Roll In

Date posted: 
22 August 2003

Although event registrations have not officially been called for 2003, the Nican office has already started to receive registrations for events taking place on December 3. International Day Coordinator, Jane Crawford said "the fact that organisations are well advanced in their planning for their 2003 events augers well for this year to be the most celebrated ever." Crawford also added that "events do not have to be grand scale operations and I encourage individuals and organisations to be creative in celebrating the day."

Registrations of events can be done by either returning the tear off section of the registrations form (soon to be distributed widely).

"It is important that all events are registered, regardless of the size, as it allows us to estimate how many people were involved in the day" said Crawford. "We also can only provide additional resources to events that have registered"

We are available to discuss your events ideas with you during business hours (EST) on 1800 806 769.