National Best Practice in Disability Conference

Date posted: 
8 April 2005

The National Best Practice in Disability Conference is being held in Armidale NSW from 29 November to 1 December 2005. Challenge Armidale is very excited to be involved in the organisation of this conference in conjunction with the University of New England. With the impact of recent funding cuts and budgetary considerations for all disability service sectors, we feel this conference is a wonderful opportunity to change the focus back onto the innovative and excellent services currently being provided to people with disabilities across Australia.

This conference specifically focuses on Vision and Practice, highlighting and celebrating the very best that disability services in Australia and beyond have to offer. The conference will feature presentations, workshops and posters on leading practice in the areas of governance; management practice; ageing and disability; health and well-being; employment services for people with a disability; accommodation and day programs; children's services, and new developments in behaviour management and therapies. This conference is not designed to be a purely academic exercise, with the emphasis to be upon the leading practice programs currently being provided by services across Australia.

This conference will provide a great opportunity to celebrate the pioneering work that many services are doing, and to share these success stories with other providers. A direct link to the conference Web-site is as follows

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to either contact Challenge Armidale's General Manager Kevin Mead on [email protected] or the UNE Conference Company at [email protected]. We would be grateful if you could also pass this information onto any other individuals or organisations that you feel would also be interested in attending, presenting or demonstrating. If you would like to nominate an organisation with programs that are great examples of leading practice and would be of interest to the disability sector, please contact Kevin with their details and we will follow up personally with them.