New NSW Photo Card

Date posted: 
9 February 2006

The new, voluntary NSW Photo Card is now available through Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) motor registries. Introduced in December 2005, the RTA has made the Photo Card available in response to requests from people who are unable to obtain a driver licence and find it difficult to show who they are in order to access everyday services.

The Photo Card is a voluntary card for NSW residents aged 16 years or older who do not hold a NSW driver licence. It has the same security features as the NSW driver licence and the same stringent customer enrolment and proof of identity criteria. Like the driver licence application process, customers will be required to produce original documents and their current residential address and signature must appear on at least one of the documents.

The Photo Card replaces the Proof of Age Card. Proof of Age Cards that are in circulation will become invalid by 14 December 2008. Photo Cards cost $40 and will be valid for five years. Because the card is voluntary and the cost of the card covers production, no concession will be available. However, the fee for an initial Photo Card may be waived for customers who are surrendering their driver licence because a doctor has advised them to stop driving or if the customer has decided to stop driving for medical reasons. The RTA will accept the NSW Photo Card as a primary source of identification as it does with the NSW driver licence and encourages other organisations to also accept it as a primary identification document.

There are penalties in place for unlawful possession of a Photo Card, manufacture of false cards, altering or tampering with a card, improper use of a card and giving or lending a Photo Card. Photo Cards or other photo identification should not be scanned and should only be copied with the permission of the card holder.

Further information will be available from the RTA, see contact details below. A brochure is also available at motor registries. Contact information or phone the RTA on 13 2213.