Nican 5th National Conference - 20th to 22nd September 2004

Date posted: 
22 June 2004

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 May 2004
Universal Access in Australian Tourism
Nican 5th National Conference - September 2004

The 5th National Nican Conference promises good business for tourism this September, at the 'Out of the Blue . Valuing the Disability Market in Tourism' at Rendezvous, Observation City.

Australia is a fantastic destination for travellers who have diverse access needs. The release of the Federal Governments Tourism White Paper earlier this year, recognises the market as significant and requiring further exploration. The Brand Australia initiative also values inclusion, diversity and participation, setting a stage for universal access & design practitioners and the disability sector to build on partnerships with the tourism industry.

The 'Out of the Blue' Conference facilitates exploration of the issues surrounding the potential of the disability market as a relatively fresh commodity, which will potentially boost clientele for tourist groups.

The benefits to disability individuals, their families and associated groups is recognising the potential tourism avenues themselves and learning how to best access information that will lead to positive travels.

The conference will run for three days from 20th - 22nd September, presenting a mix of keynote speakers, three breakout sessions and two specific off-site tours.

The keynote speakers will address matters topical to the theme of tourism and disability, and highlight unexplored areas for tourist organisations to consider broadening their market clientele. Issues such as equal opportunities, new initiatives and barriers to tourist experiences will also be addressed.

The breakout sessions will present an option of three streams to attend; Families and Individuals, Good Business for Tourism, and Policy and Academic Research. So this Conference is an excellent opportunity for learning and networking to benefit the wide cross section of delegates expected to attend.

Tourist organisations and services will obtain a competitive advantage in their market research to secure new business, including leading initiatives to influence and acquire new customers.
The off-site tours include an experiential visit to the Royal Perth Yacht Club and sampling some sailing options available to all users. The Cultural Arts Tour will provide an informative visit to a selection of arts venues acclaimed for their upgrades to incorporate universal access to their facilities.

For more information or registration to the 'Out of the Blue' Conference, contact the coordinators:
Victoria Wardlaw 08 9284 4220 or Anne Oliver 08 9494 2972.
Email: [email protected] or Nican direct: 1800 806 769