Nican for Smartphone goes live!

Date posted: 
2 July 2013

Nican has developed a Geospatial smart phone application which allows people with disabilities to locate around 4,000 mostly mainstream sport, recreation, arts, equipment, services, supports and other community participation opportunities at a swipe on a smartphone.

The App was an idea developed from people with disabilities and was co designed.   It avoids disability jargon and uses simple language and invites people to ask where can I find: a place to stay, travel and tourism, things to do, people who can help and help finding things. 

The App uses a map as a key design feature; simple searching or filtering using keyword and categories;  gives users the ability to favorite their choices; and provides a single 'call" and "take me there button" so people can call the  place or go there at the touch of a button.  It uses good colour contrasts and screen icons

For the technically minded the App has the following access features:  

  • Draws on and links to Nican's website that is at minimum WCAG 2.0 AA compliant
  • Visual designed based on fundamental accessibility techniques
  • Beta tested with members of Nican's network
  • Tested with VoiceOver, Apple's inbuilt screen-reader
  • iOS Zoom allows users to magnify all parts of the app
  • iOS invert colours is supported

The App is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires an iOS 4.3 or later model.

The App is located in the AppStore under the Lifestyle category. To download the App search for "Nican" or Apps beginning with "N" under Lifestyle.

The App is optimised for iPhone 5. Work is underway on the next steps for Android. 

The App was developed by Oxide Interactive and launched as part of Nican's 25th Birthday Celebrations on 30 May 2012 with project funding from the ACT Government through Disability ACT.  

This launch was sponsored by Spectrum Graphics and the Hotel Realm.