Queensland - Human Rights E-consultation and on-line forum

Date posted: 
13 March 2007

Queensland Advocacy Inc (QAI) is working on a human rights project for people with disability. This project aims to tell you about your human rights. The project also aims to find out if your human rights are being respected.

Human rights are the most important rights. Human rights belong to every person.

We want to find out if the human rights of people with disability in Queensland are being respected.

We want to ask you what you think about this, and find out about your experiences.

The information you give us will help QAI work out what changes we need to push for to make things better for people with disability in Queensland.

You are invited to talk about your human rights by E-Consultation. We will send you E-Bulletins every week for 6-8 weeks. We want you to think about the issues raised in each bulletin, and respond to some questions by email. You can do this in just a few minutes, or take as much time as you want. Your emails will be private and confidential and the information you tell us will be recorded in a de-identified form. You don't have to worry about anyone finding what you said to us. Please email Melinda Ewin [email protected] to be placed on the E-Bulletin email list.

If you would like to join an on-line discussion forum where you can discuss the E-Bulletins with other people please join via the QAI website www.qai.org.au.