Toyota Paralympic Talent Search Program

Event date: 
28 May 2011
Battye Street
2617 Bruce, ACT

The Toyota Paralympic Talent Search Program is an initiative of the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC). Its main goal is to identify people with physical disabilities, vision impairments or intellectual disabilities who display the athletic potential to one day make it to Paralympic level competition. A secondary goal is to help introduce people with disabilities to enter into regular recreational sport and physical activities within the community.

The APC is conducting a Talent Search Day on Saturday, 28th of May 2011 where all interested participants are encouraged to register with the APC through the below Paralympic website.

The Paralympic Talent Search day is only open to people with disabilities which would enable them to participate in events currently on the Paralympic Games schedule. This includes but is not limited to amputees, people with cerebral palsy, limb deficiencies, people in wheelchairs, people who are blind or have vision impairments and people with an intellectual disability.

There are limited sports on the London Paralympic Program for people with an intellectual disability. These include Table Tennis, Athletics and Swimming and as such only these sports will be targeted for participants with an Intellectual Disability.

All age groups are welcome to participate in the program however it is difficult to provide specific pathway advice to participants under 10 years of age.

Location: Australian Institute of Sport

Time: 1-4pm

Pre-registration is required.

If you have any queries at all, please contact Kara at the Paralympic Committee on 02) 97040531 or 0407499384, or Karen Yaldren, Manager, YWCA SCOPE Youth Services on 62571640.  Otherwise if you have interested students or other community participants who would like to participate, please follow the registration process directly through the Paralympic website -