Date posted: 
5 May 2014

Tuggeranong Arts Centre invites members of the blind and vision-impaired community to take part in Visible/Invisible, an art workshop that uses scented and textured paints to encourage involvement in the arts.

The project, led by visual artist Sarah Hutchinson, allows for colour to be perceived in an alternative way, with the participants’ work driven by their senses of smell and touch.

With red paint that smells of strawberries, white paint that smells of coconut and many more colours to choose from, the workshop provides a great opportunity for blind and vision-impaired people to express themselves artistically and have a lot of fun in the process.

Visible/Invisible is an initiative of Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s Community Cultural Inclusion Program (CCIP), an ACT Government initiative that hopes to give every ACT resident a unique opportunity to contribute to the community’s artistic and cultural landscape.

The project has been developed in partnership with the Canberra Blind Society, with support from Canberra CBD, the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund and Bailey’s Corner.

How to get involved?

To become involved, please contact the Tuggeranong Art Centre’s Community Cultural Inclusion Officer, Jorge Bagnini, at [email protected] or on (02) 6293 1443. The free workshops will begin with an information session at 10am on Monday, 12 May, at the Canberra Blind Society, Griffin Centre, Civic. The workshops will continue for another eight weeks every Monday between 10am-12pm at Shop 39, Ground Floor, Bailey’s Corner, Petrie Plaza. Places are strictly limited.