Nican Faces Closure


Nican Database

Dear database member


I am writing to you because you have a listing in Nican’s database at which is also available via 1800 806 769 and via a phone App for Android and iPhone. 

As you may have heard the Australian Government has decided to cut funding for disability information services including Nican. We now face closure at the end of the month after 26 years of service linking organisations like yours to people with disability and carers.

This is a disappointing decision for people with disability and for organisations which provide them with supports and participation options, especially in the lead up to the NDIS.  It means that we will be unable to promote your service to people with disability and that there will be no opportunities for organisations to use us as a resource when planning travel and recreation opportunities for people with disability.  It is baffling that the Australian Government is cutting information on the cusp of the National Disability Insurance Scheme funding information, linkages and capacity building supports. 

Nican provides a comprehensive information service with more than 3,500 entries on accommodation, sports, arts, recreation, transport and community living available around Australia and accessible via phone, internet, social media and a geospatial smartphone App.

Our online referral service is in demand and is experiencing rapid growth with 5,132,344 million hits in 2014 more than 15 times higher than 2010.  It costs less than 1 cent for every hit drawn to the website. We have 10,000 contacts via email, social media and online forms and a further 1,800 calls per annum.

We are also concerned about the future of the Nican card which provides a 50% discount for people who need carers as well as a 10% discount for travellers, on Qantas.  The card supports over a thousand people with disability to travel with carers at a reduced cost for emergency medical transport, family funerals, medical appointments, holidays, employment and many other reasons.

While we will be in touch with you about the future of your listing on the Nican site we would ask you to urgently consider getting in touch with your local Federal Member of Parliament asking them to reverse the decision to cut these vital services. Please phone Parliament House in Canberra on (02) 62777 111 and ask to speak to your local member or leave them a message telling them you are upset about the cut to Nican

Please note you can discuss any concerns via the tollfree number on 1800 806 769.  

Thank you for your support of Nican and I’m sorry to have to write to you with such disappointing news.  Nican will continue to help for as long as we can.   


Suzanne Bain-Donohue

Executive Director