Nican Changes

Date posted: 
18 June 2015

A message to our valued clients and supporters

In July 2014 the Australian Federal Government cut funding to Specialist Disability Information Services.  Unfortunately Nican has been unable to source additional resources to maintain our office.

The Website and app will be supported by Community Information Support Services who provide the My Community Directory information Service. The contact details will be updated in the coming days.

Nican would like to thank all the wonderful people that have come across our path over the last 3 decades.  As an organisation we have a lot to be proud of in assisting create a more inclusive Australia.  There is still a lot of work to be done and we encourage each Australian to keep working on making our society one that values and includes all people.

Qantas Carer Concession Scheme

The Qantas Carer Concession Scheme will continue to operate.  All enquiries should be directed to freecall 1800 806 769.