Redleaf Manor Aged Care

Allity proudly brings a unique and contemporary approach to aged care where design and function align to create an enriching and homelike environment for residents to enjoy an exceptional standard of care and service. Exquisitely renovated and extended, our Extra Service home presents an unrivalled statement of luxury in the quality of finishes and furnishings. The modern design, use of materials and integration of technology work together to readily meet the needs of our next generation of residents. Redleaf Manor combines the class and reputation of the old with the elegance and forward vision of new to create a home that offers an experience in aged care unlike any other. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with the very best in style and service amid the warmth and grandeur of our uniquely designed home. Venture further towards the entrance to the newly extended ‘neighbourhoods’ and find yourself lured into the cozy setting of the library, computer kiosk, and convenience of a fully Wi-Fi enabled home. The variety of indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for entertaining is contrasted with intimate sitting rooms luxuriously furnished for the days when you feel like hiding away in the company of a good book. Each neighbourhood has its very own lounge and dining area for absolute comfort and convenience. Whether you feel like a game of cards with a neighbour, a pamper session in our hair salon, or afternoon tea with family, Redleaf Manor is all about providing you with the comfort and luxury you deserve in an Extra Service home.

Contact name: 
General Manager
Phone 1: 
02 8762 6000
Postal Address: 
16 Flavelle Street
Concord, NSW
Anyone with a disability with an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) will be accepted as on a permanent or respite care basis depending on their care needs and our availability.


Nican highly recommends contacting accommodation facilities prior to booking to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on our website as we are unable to verify all information supplied to us.