Media Releases

A media release is one of the best ways to notify the media of an upcoming event or an important issue. A media release should contain details of the event - who, what, where, when, why and how. Provide background information on International Day and your organisation and a quote from your nominated spokesperson (preferably someone who attracts media attention). We have put together an example of a media release, which you can modify to suit your event.

One general rule to follow is that a media release should be concise and stick to the main points. Try to keep it to a maximum of one A4 page.

To ensure your release goes directly to the right people, write names of the relevant journalists, editors and chief of staff at the top of the release before it is sent. This information can be gained by using a media guide from your local library. Alternatively, you could ring the media outlet and ask for the appropriate contacts.

A follow up call will ensure that your release is not cast aside and it gives you another opportunity to discuss the International Day.

Photo Opportunities

Newspapers are always on the look out for a good photo opportunity. If you're planning an event for International Day, think of how you can set up an interesting photo.

If you have the support of a local celebrity, Senator or Member of Parliament, try to capture them doing something out of the ordinary, such as participating in a basketball match, at a picnic or getting their face painted.


Timing is important for the media. If you are organising an event, fax your media release out one week before the event. This will give the media enough time to do some research (if needed) and schedule it into their diaries.

If you are not holding an event but would like some media coverage, think of some interesting stories you could offer the media regarding people in your organisation. Call the relevant journalists one week before the day.

Fact Sheets & Backgrounders

You can print out the Fact Sheet and Backgrounder (attached) to send to the media with your release. The information provided in the Fact Sheet and Backgrounder can also be used in articles and media releases.