Media Release Example

You can use this media release to form the basis of your own release.

[Your organisations name] Involves the Community in an International Celebration

Millions of people throughout the world will be celebrating this years International Day of People with DisAbility and [insert name] will be joining celebrations with [insert the nature of your event or photo opportunity - who, what, where and when].

Since 1992 when the United Nations General Assembly declared December 3 as a day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of people with disabilities, millions of communities throughout the world have joined in the celebrations.

[Insert professional title of spokesperson, name of organisation and the spokesperson's name] says that the day is not only an opportunity to celebrate the ability of people with disabilities but also to increase awareness of disability issues in the community.

"It is often said that people with disabilities are more likely to be handicapped by environmental barriers and societal attitudes than by the disability itself. International Day of People with DisAbility is an opportunity to break down those barriers and challenge peoples perceptions of disability."

"Disability does not mean inability, and by publicly celebrating International Day of People with DisAbility [local group] is making a positive contribution to the lives of 3.6 million Australians and 500 million people worldwide with disabilities" [inserts name of spokesperson] said.

Make sure you have permission to quote the spokesperson

[Insert a snappy paragraph on your organisation's event or activity - what is happening, will any celebrities or politicians be there, will the day have a highlight? Try to use a celebrity as a spokesperson - big names are more likely to attract media attention]

For further information, please contact:

[Insert name of media contact or spokesperson, and organisation contact details]

Photo Opportunity:

[Insert information about photo opportunities here]