Community Involvement

The Nican website provides a range of information resources to support increased awareness about the inclusion of people with disabilities in community life including through sports, arts, recreation, leisure and tourism.

These resources can be used all year round in planning your events and awareness raising activities , whether for a school or a community organisation, but they are especially useful for the International Day of People with disabilities which is held on 3 December every year and celebrated right around the world including through local community activities.

The Nican website provides a Starter Kit to help those planning an activity get started. The kit includes tips, checklists and proforma's for people planning general activities, guides for school and community events, writing invitation and a checklist.

The Nican website provides a media kit which includes a guide to using the media, preparing media releases and promotional opportunities, a proforma media release and a draft backgrounder (tailor to your organisation or event).

In addition the Nican website provides a guide to some inclusive school sports activities which can be played by students of all abilities to raise awareness about disability in the classroom and encourage fun and healthy activity. The Nican website also provides a set of non sporting school activities ranging from foot and mouth painting to word puzzles which can used in schools.