Duke of Edinburgh Award - NSW


The Award concept is one of individual challenge. It presents to young people a balanced, non-competitive program of voluntary activities that encourages personal discovery and growth, self reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.

The individual participant has a completely free choice in the selection of the locally available options within the four sections (five for Gold). The basic structure of the Award program consists of four mandatory sections: Physical Recreation (Fitness); Skills; Service (Volunteering) and Adventurous Journey. Organisations can be involved in operating the program and as Registered Operators attend a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Induction Training Session, receive a resource starter kit containing the Award Handbook, the guidebook 'Planning Your Adventure' and Award merchandise. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (NSW Division) Youth Development Officers provide support and encouragement to people with disabilities.

Bronze Level (all entrants) is from 14 years and over. Silver Level from 15 yrs and over. Gold Level from 16 years and over. The minimum period of participation for direct entrants to qualify for an Award is: 6 months for Bronze, 12 months for Silver, 18 months for Gold. All Gold level participants undertake a Residential Project away from home.


Contact name: 
Bob Cresswell
Senior Project Officer
Phone 1: 
13 13 02
02 9006 3781
Text Telephone Number: 
02 9006 3701
Postal Address: 
Locked Bag 1422
Access facilities: 
Wheelchair accessible
Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
Physical, sensory, intellectual head injuries (ABI)
Self development and outdoor activities
Service details
Entry fee for the program is $66.00 (GST included) which covers all Record Books, certificates and badges, insurance and registration (until the participants 25th birthday)
All young people aged between 14 and 25, regardless of their background, abilities or circumstances, an opportunity to experience challenge & adventure, to acquire new skills and to make new friends
Part of a State Government department - Sport and Recreation, Communities NSW
Information services, training, volunteers


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