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This company has the largest selection of campervans and motor homes for hire in Australia and worldwide.The campervans in Australia, are not specially built or adapted, some are quite large and could, with assistance, be quite suitable for people with disabilities. By providing self-contained accommodation and transport and being easy to drive, many people with disabilities find they can travel in comfort without the necessity for seeking out special accommodation at every stop. Rentals are available throughout Australia. Rentals are also available and in 22 countries and overseas destinations, including (in the UK, USA and Europe only) motorhomes which are specially adapted and suited to the needs of people with disabilities. All of these have automatic transmission, hand controls, wide doors, wheelchair ramp and securing clamp. There are also canal boats in Europe which are adapted for people with disabilities. There is a discount for people with disabilities making a direct booking. Vehicles are not normally equipped with hand controls. Flight and Accommodation bookings must be made through our associated company - My Travel Agent on (03) 8781 1111 - or 1800 240 440. Vehicle rentals and Canal Boat Cruising in Europe only booked through Eliza Travel (03) 8781 1100 or 1300 880 025.

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Annabelle, Marian,Jacinta, Amber, Fiona
Rosemary, Kerri
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1300 883 588
(03) 8781 1139
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PO Box 1518
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Wheelchair access (to office)
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9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 12.30pm Saturday
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Motorhome and campervan rental, car and station wagon rental, minibus or 4WD rental, canal boat rental (contact), car leasing in Europe, yacht rental in Australia (self skipper, or including crew and meals)


Nican highly recommends contacting accommodation facilities prior to booking to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on our website as we are unable to verify all information supplied to us.