Queensberry Hill YHA

Wheelchair accessible youth hostel.

Phone 1: 
(03) 9329 8599
(03) 9326 8427
Postal Address: 
78 Howard Street
Melbourne CBD, 1.4km from GPO
Accommodation details
Room facilities: 
All amenities are shared - fax service, laundry, parking, Internet lounge, licensed cafe, in-house travel/tour agency, TV room, fully equipped kitchen, barbecue, heaters, communal lounge, communal laundry, basic shop facility
From $65, discounts in low season May to November
Access facilities: 
Dormitory style accommodation all with wheelchair accessible beds. Front door entry to reception area is ramped. Wheelchair accessible parking (min width 3200mm with 2500mm height clearance). Ramped access from carpark to unit, Rooms reached by accessible lift, door has lever handle and is easily opened from seated position (handle 900-1100mm), clear space inside room at doorway to manoeuvre wheelchair.Space in room/unit between furniture to turn wheelchair (does not meet the min 2250mm x 2250mm). One double bed and set of bunks in each room. Space alongside bed for transfer (min 800mm), bed and other furniture can be moved to provide 2250mm x 2250mm along one side of bed. Height of main bed 460mm, 230mm space under bed, bed cannot be raised. Coathanging space within reach from seated position 1350mm and tea making facilities within reach from seated position (table or bench 750-850mm). Bathroom/toilet door easy to open with one hand, min door space of 800mm, no lip or step between bedroom and bathroom greater than 5mm, space to manoeuvre a wheelchair (900mm x 1700mm does not meet min 2500mm x 1900mm), space beside toilet for transfer 900mm, grab rail beside and behind toilet at 800-810mm, facilities useable from a seated position, switches and power points 900-1100mm, mirror 900-1850mm, knee space under handbasin (at least 680mm to floor) without a cupboard or other object, standard taps.Shower recess is level and free of hobs, steps or sliding door tracks, clear entrance into the shower of at least 800mm, shower recess wide enough to manoeuvre chair (990mm x 1215mm in shower does not meet min 1100mm x 1150mm) plus a minimum 1400mm x 1400mm space outside shower, freestanding shower seat, grab rails in the shower between 800-810mm, hand held shower nozzle within reach from a seated position, standard taps (not details of height of taps).Restaurant access free of steps, no accessible toilets nearby, there are food outlets nearby which are accessible or would deliver meals.
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