Respite and Recreation Inc


Our aim at Respite & Recreation Inc is to insure all those involved with our R&R people with disabilities and their carers have a break from their usual, everyday lives. The programs offered by Respite & Recreation are available to individuals with moderate to high disabilities, who live with a primary carer; are between the ages of 0 to 65 years; or are socially isolate. With the priority being those who in the absence of basic maintenance and support services are at risk of premature or inappropriate long term residential care. Respite and Recreation Inc is a member service of Interchange (NSW) and is one of many community-based respite services funded by the Department of Aging, Disabilities and Home Care. Respite and Recreation is administered locally by a Committee of Management made up of people from the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area. Some of the members of the Committee have disabilities, some are carers of people with disabilities, some are service providers and some are community representatives. There are many different activities provided by our programs. Individuals might take part in organised picnics, fishing trips, a parachute jump or a relaxing weekend away or camping trip. We also provide support so that individuals can take part in community activities such as Scouts, Guides, Nippers, Lions, Apex or any local club that a person would like to join. It might mean having someone come and stay at your home or staying at their home. The options are only limited by the imagination of the people involved in the programs.

Contact name: 
Jacqui Alaban
Phone 1: 
(02) 6651 1873 (Co-ord an
(02) 6650 0343
Postal Address: 
Community Village
22 Earl Street
Opening hours: 
9.00am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday
Physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities
Service details
NSW, Coffs Harbour Local Government area
Physical, Intellectuall and Neurological Disabilities and their carers
NSW Home and Community Care and Disability Services Package
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Nican highly recommends contacting accommodation facilities prior to booking to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on our website as we are unable to verify all information supplied to us.