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  • Community Information Diamond Valley, is a general information and referral service with a wide range of community, statewide and federal government information.We make referrals and provide information about benefits, pensions, concessions, legal matters...
  • We are an advice, information and referral serviceOur service is available for everyone in the community. Tax assistance for low income clients is also available by appointment only. Emergency relief available for low income clients within the city of...
  • YHA is a not for profit organisation committed to assisting members with low cost accommodation and travel throughout Australia and the world. YHA operates 21 hostels throughout the State and 140 across Australia.Volunteer YHA members operate a variety of...
  • The YHA is a not-for-profit organisation providing accommodation for members throughout Australia. Membership also provides discounts on products and travel services offered at YHA State Membership and Travel Centres. All hostels have 24 hour access....
    New South Wales
  • This service provides information and referrals on community services to all residents in the ACT and Queanbeyan.Two projects access city hotline 02 6257 3077 ,ACT Communities online 02 6162 1394.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Fre-Info is a community information and referral service for all ages. Details of all clubs, organisations services, and events in Fremantle and East Fremantle areas are on a database and updated regularly. The aim of Fre-Info is to provide the community...
    Western Australia
  • Offers general information service to all residents, visitors and agencies. Please ring for details of access to public buildings, tourist attractions and special events.
    South Australia
  • The Aberfoyle Community Centre, is a community based organisation which is non-discriminatory and aims to provide accessible, ongoing community based services to local residents. The organization aims to provide and co-ordinate social, educational,...
    South Australia
  • Community information is available from the six libraries in the City of Onkaparinga - Aberfoyle Park Hub, Noarlunga, Adlinga, Seaford, Willunga and Woodcroft.The website has a comprehensive guide to all local clubs, groups, services and resources. Local...
    South Australia
  • The following services are some that the Asthma Foundation of Queensland provides: Counselling patients in asthma management by phone and appointment; Community, workplace, sports club, school and childcare education courses; Health professional training.