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  • CanTeen is an Australian peer support network for young people living with cancer. It began in Sydney, and now has Members and branches throughout Australia.CanTeen aims to support, develop, and empower all young people living with cancer. It does this by...
    New South Wales
  • This service exists for people in need, as a drop in centre, and for people who have been referred by health workers, police or social workers. There is a friendship club.
    New South Wales
  • The main aim of this Association is to be a source of support to families and individuals with Down Syndrome.The Association also promotes awareness in the community, provides information through resource libraries and runs a computer aided learning...
    Northern Territory
  • The role of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance  Recreation service is to provide therapy for adults and children including information to assist into mainstream leisure and recreation activities, leisure education, information service and volunteer network....
    New South Wales
  • The society is a self help support group providing support for people with Retinitis Pigmentosa and their families, providing communication and referral, support of research and development of a community understanding of people with a vision impairment (...
  • AASE is a broad-based non-categorical association concerned with all who have special education needs. AASE policy provides a framework and platform for members on educational issues and service provision. A consistent approach towards educational...
  • Aims to assist people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through respite, home help and personal care services.Community Care Projects have the primary purpose of ensuring that the most ulnerable and dependent members of the community...
  • CTHCS is a newly formed multi-purpose service which provides a flexible array of services to meet the needs of people residing in this rural catchment area.The Community Services division provides six programs. Community Options Program - case or care...
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria