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  • The Aged and Disability program works in partnership to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities, people who are aging and their families and carers, to contribute to and participate in the community.The services we fund and/or provide are:...
    Northern Territory
  • Designed to respond to the needs of the HACC target group by providing a type and range of services not currently available through any other service.Provides emergency support incorporating repairs, home maintenance, respite, yard maintenance, social...
    New South Wales
  • Specialists in posture, seating and mobility.  A one-stop shop for clinical excellence and equipment.
    Western Australia
  • The following services are some that the Asthma Foundation of Queensland provides: Counselling patients in asthma management by phone and appointment; Community, workplace, sports club, school and childcare education courses; Health professional training.
  • Adult Day Programs (on two sites), including educational, developmental and independent living training, community access, together with therapy and psychology services for people with high support needs and/or multiple disabilities.The Loddon Mallee...
  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service is multidisciplinary and is staffed by - psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists.The service offers crisis intervention, assessment...
  • Red Cross works with children, young people, the elderly and families in a range of ways that focus on the unique strengths that all individuals and families have.Red Cross is committed to an inclusive society where all people are valued, their...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This Centre provides a range of services, assistance and programs. The staff includes a Health Education Officer, a resource person who can organise Health Education Programs and Health, Speech Pathologists, who provides assessment, advice and programs to...
    New South Wales
  • A firm which hires out medical, surgical and exercise equipment. Some the items available for sale are -- Surgical corsets for back and abdominal injuries, splints and calipers, elastic supports, elastic support stockings and pantyhose, cervical collars,...
  • This is a sales & hire service for medical, hospital, respiratory and rehabilitation equipment.There is a wide range of equipment for hire. This company is happy to deliver (and pick up when no longer needed) equipment to homes, institutions or...