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  • This is a community based not-for-profit disability advocacy programme. Offering individual or family advocacy and crisis advocacy support, information and referral to Specialist organisations.
  • Welfare Rights and Legal Centre is an independent not-for-profit, non-government community legal centre dedicated to providing free legal advice and representation to individuals and community groups on; tenancy, public housing, social security and...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • VCOD is an advocacy / information community organisation, led and managed by Deaf People through provision of advocacy and information services to strengthen community participation and quality of life for Deaf Victorians
  • DRC services include:- Accessible course materials (eg CD rom, large print etc) - Alternative assessment arrangements, such as rest breaks, extra writing time, use of computers- Academic support workers, such as notetakers and Auslan interpreters-...
  • We provide information, counselling, support and advocacy for people with epilepsy, their families and friends, carers, health professionals and other interested parties. We run regular community education sessions, have an involvement in seizure disorder...
  • Individual Advocacy(provided by professional advocates):Directly advocacy on behalf of a person or providing information and advice so that a person can advocate for themselves.:Linking a person with other relevant services.:Talking over a problem.:DA...
    New South Wales
  • Family Advocacy is a statewide, community-based organisation which is concerned with the needs, interests & rights of people who have a developmental disability. Its aim is to achieve positive social roles for children and adults who have a...
    New South Wales
  • Principal activities include - Policy formulation and advocacy including research, submissions to government on legislation, services and ethics on behalf of a Catholic stance on psychiatric issues, Personal and Spiritual Development through support of...
    Western Australia
  • Newell advocacy provides individual direct advocacy for people with a disability. This is usually a short term crisis nature and the advocating is undertaken by a staff member on behalf of the individual with a disability. The aim of Newell advocacy is to...
    New South Wales
  • This Foundation promotes mental health, and provides mental health advocacy.The Foundation liaises with Federal and State Governments, media, support organisations. Media and community awareness programs are provided, as well as the dissemination of...