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  • Victoria
  • Victoria
  • This is one of the two companies in Hobart with wheelchair accessible cabs.City cabs has three accessible taxis (maxi taxis). One vehicles can take up to three wheelchairs and nine passengers, one vehicle can take up to two wheelchairs and five passengers...
  • This is the only public bus service in Canberra. There are a number of wheelchair accessible buses operated by ACTION, route 34 and 84. Normal fares apply to these services.Route 34 services Belconnen, University of Canberra, Bruce, Calvary Hospital, O'...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This is the central booking service for wheelchair accessible taxis in Adelaide and country South Australia. There are over seventy accessible cabs available. Most take two wheelchairs plus three regular seats. There are a number which take three...
    South Australia
  • The Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) subsidises the transport costs of eligible individuals who are unable to use public transport due to a severe or profound activity limitations. This supports social inclusion and economic participation of community members...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This is a scheme to provide transport concessions to people who have a permanent and severe disability which prohibits independent access into the community.Please ring for more information.
  • Information on accessible public transport in the Northern Territory.More than half of the bus fleet in Darwin is wheelchair accessible. They run on the major routes around Darwin. The number to ring for information on timetables etc for these buses is (...
    Northern Territory
  • Website showing disabled access for Sydney CBD such as parking, transport, access maps and further information
  • This company has one wheelchair accessible taxi which can accommodate two wheelchairs, or up to ten able-bodied passengers. Wheelchair clients access this cab via an electric hoist in their wheelchair, which is securely anchored to the floor. They are...