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  • The aim of Sailability QLD is to integrate people with disabilities into sailing through existing branches and to encourage the formation of new branches.It exists to promote, encourage and facilitate recreational and competitive sailing for people with...
  • Swimming Australia Ltd is committed to a swimming for all philosophy. Swimming Australia endeavours to incorporate inclusion strategies in all aspects of the sport, creating opportunities for people of all abilities to participate.Whether you choose to...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Everyone, whether you are in a wheelchair or not, is able to train and play. However, it should be pointed out that to be eligible to compete in the national games, the person is required to be physically classifiable.
    Western Australia
  • A volunteer organisation that aims to facilitate, encourage, promote and foster sailing to people with disabilities throughout the state. There are four sailing clubs that support Sailability programs, each club has a number of Access dinghies that...
    South Australia
  • DAA provides information and support to children, youth and adults who have a hearing impairment or are deaf, as well as parents, coaches and clubs. DAA encourages clients to participate wherever possible whether it be integrated or disability specific....
  • This is a group providing information about leisure in the Wimmera Region.It is a program of the Wimmera Uniting Care Service. This service is located at 185 Baillie Street, Horsham. The AAA Program is able to put people in touch with integrated, and...
  • The Rainbow Club Australia is a non-profit organisation offering regular swimming session to young people whose disabilities make it difficult to attend mainstream clubs.Swimming gives the children both all-round exercise and recreational opportunities....
    New South Wales
  • This is a day options service for people with disabilities and who have left school. We offer a choice of programme with up to 3 different activity options per day. We have vocational, recreational/ social and lifeskills/centrebased options everyday, and...
    South Australia
  • Wheelchair basketball program contact (08) 8945 4666. Women's, men's, under 10's to under 18'2 (boys and girls) teams.
    Northern Territory
  • EGARAG Inc is a regional community organisation which assists people with disabilities to access the recreational activity of their choice.The organisation comprises agency representatives, professionals in relevant fields, all levels of government,...