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  • The objective of Crossroads in Tasmania is to provide Christian fellowship and Christian education for people with disabilities, through regular social, physical, intellectual and spiritual programs for all ages.These programs may include regular programs...
  • This is a deaf bowling group, which also organises deaf bowling championships for our members
    South Australia
  • This is the central body for blind bowling in the Northern Territory. Please ring for details of game times and costs.
    Northern Territory
  • The New South Wales Blind Cricket Association aims to organise blind cricket in NSW which may lead to national championships and international championships.Games are played at Henley Park, Mitchell Street, adjacent to the Royal Blind Society.
    New South Wales
  • Special Olympics encourage, prepares and provides the opportunity for people with an intellectual disability to participate in sporting activities of their choice. People are welcome irrespective of the degree of skill they can achieve. Suitable coaching...
  • This is one of the fundraising Offices of Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.Contact Brisbane office for details of the sporting activities we can assist you with.
  • We offer a modified non-competitive form of soccer for children with Down Syndrome, Autism and intellectual disabilities that allows a 'chaperone' to take the field with the child and guide them.St Ives is a typical not-for-profit sporting club. The...
    New South Wales
  • Tennis Australia aims to improve tennis opportunities for people with disabilities.Through coordination with its Member Association, an Australian Sports Commission endorsed program called Sports CONNECT helps enable the facilitation of programs and...
  • The Amateur Fencers Group provides fencing classes which can lead to competition or social practice. There is also a program for Wheelchair Fencing Competition. Membership of state association available.Equipment provided for beginners. Personal equipment...
  • The Albany Water Ski Club is situated on the Kalgan River. This area is considered to be one of the premier ski sites in Australia. Our club is primarily a tournament training club, which is the condition under which we are able to use the Kalgan River...
    Western Australia