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  • Bridge clubs are located all around Australia. Clubs are affiliated to State Associations which in turn are affiliated to the Australian Bridge Federation. Nearly 30,000 Australians play tournament bridge in clubs and at State and National Championships....
    Australian Capital Territory
  • YHA is a not for profit organisation committed to assisting members with low cost accommodation and travel throughout Australia and the world. YHA operates 21 hostels throughout the State and 140 across Australia.Volunteer YHA members operate a variety of...
  • The University of The Third Age is a self help adult education movement for people in retirement or approaching retirement. Retired people teach free of charge and in most cases meeting rooms are also provided free of charge. Members also help with the...
    South Australia
  • The Redlands PCYC is a community club, catering for all sections of the community. The majority of activities are available to accessible people.
  • SSPA is a non-profit self-help association founded in 1968 for people who don't (or will not) reach a height of 150cm (4'11) at maturity, due to growth disorders.The aim of our association is the assimilation of people of short stature into society, with...
  • The principal behind 'Life be in It' is to promote a healthier lifestyle for all Australians. Through implementing and promoting active involvement of sporting and recreation activities, 'Life Be In It' promotes the importance to participate together in...
  • This club is a member of the New South Wales Parachute Council.Please ring for details of assistance, and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like some high flying fun.
    New South Wales
  • Sporting organisation consisting of affiliated clubs within the State. accessible persons are welcome to participate in archery Tournament grounds are usually accessible to wheelchairs.
  • Surfing Australia Inc (formerly Australian Surfriders Association) is the national sporting organisation established to guide and promote the development of surfriding in Australia.Founded in 1963, Surfing Australia has progressed to include six state...
    New South Wales
  • This is a motor racing club, that has the aim of fostering and assisting all forms of motor sport in the area.Please ring for information about assistance, facilities, and encouragement given to people with disabilities who would like to participate.
    Northern Territory