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  • This is a bridge club for everybody in the area.We hold sessions every Wednesday and Friday evenings and Monday, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, which people with mobility restrictions often attend. Previous knowledge of bridge is a pre-requisite.
    New South Wales
  • Shopfront theatre was established in 1976, to give young people a voice in the community through contemporary performance projects.Shopfront runs regular workshops in all aspects of theatre-making including video and technical production, scripted plays...
    New South Wales
  • Members of the Wollongong Horticultural Society Inc are those who are interested in the growing of flowers, vegetables, ferns, indoor and outdoor plants, etc which can be done by many people with disabilities. We have two shows annually, in spring and...
    New South Wales
  • There are some members of the club who currently assist people who have physical and intellectual disabilities in Queanbeyan to enjoy an afternoon of activity every Wednesday.The club has several special wheelchairs which are suitable for indoor or...
    New South Wales
  • We are a community access radio station. Membership is available to every individual and organisation.We provide training in all aspects of the preparation and presentation of an unlimited variety of radio programs. The radio station is owned, managed and...
    New South Wales
  • Park/Street orienteering is offered as a totally integrated event.
  • This is a program to involve all people of all abilities in sport and recreation.The Come 'n Try program is being currently run by Life Be In It in South Australia. This program provides opportunities to 'try' different sport and recreation activities...
    South Australia
  • This group was formed as a voluntary group of IBM compatible PC users to help other users in all aspects of computing. It has grown to incorporate MAC users and all of the latest computing technology and Internet usage. Monthly meetings.advice may special...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • The Centre believes in the provision of services that will enhance community participation.It is dedicated to the growth of people through the provision of recreational, social and educational activities.
  • The Association aims to enable people to join and make use of community services and to provide challenges within a supportive environment.A range of groups are offered as part of the day programs which are based on psychosocial rehabilitation. We aim to...