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  • The Correspondence Chess League Of Australia (CCLA) administers correspondence chess in Australia.The CCLA organises games, tournaments and championships among its members play is by webserver, post, or by e-mail. The League is set up to make chess...
    New South Wales
  • Various, social, educational and recreational activities. Including speakers, bus trips, craft courses, evening and weekend activities. A midday hot meal and sandwiches can be purchased for a minimal cost, five days a week. Computer lessons now available...
    South Australia
  • This centre offers programs and activities for people of all ages. There are also rooms for hire for groups and individuals. The Centre has been designed and built to be completely accessible for people in wheelchairs.The Arts and Craft Centre runs as...
  • Our group provides a Scout based weekly meeting catering specifically for children with intellectual and/or physical/sensory disabilities. We follow the National Scouting program with adaptations necessary for particular abilities. We provide integration...
    Northern Territory
  • Provides social, health, education and recreation activities at the Centre. Podiatry and hairdressing are available as well as information and referral to other local services. A low cost midday meal is provided 4 days a week in the Circuit Cafe. 11:30am...
    South Australia
  • This Association has a variety of social and recreational activities for members. Please ring for details of facilities, assistance and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like to participate.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This group aims to foster interest and to promote textile and fibre craft. Guild for formal and informal workshops, seminars, demonstrations, visiting speakers. Holds regular meetings, social activities and an annual exhibition. Contact first.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This is the central group for Bonsai in north west Tasmania, and aims to promote Bonsai the art of growing ornamentally pruned trees. Please ring for information about clubs and groups who provide facilities, assistance or encouragement for people with...
  • The TLMA is the Tasmanian Association of lapidary clubs.Its parent body is the Australian Federation of Lapidary and Allied craft Assoc. It aims to coordinate and promote all lapidary activities in Tasmania. Each club has its own workshop which is fully...
  • A social club that has a midday meal and entertainment provided. The club also has a number of outings during the year. Bingo on a regular basis.
    South Australia