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  • The sport of Touch (Football) is a non-violent minimum contact family sport.The sport is currently enjoyed competitively by primary and secondary boys and girls, open men and women, and Masters age groups of men and women. Mixed boys/girls, men/women...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Softball is a team sport for players of all ages, genders and abilities. It challenges participants to develop mental agility and concentration as well as physical skills. As a team sport it has a strong social dimension and it attracts players from all...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Tennis Seniors ACT is the body that represents senior tennis players in the ACT. It is dedicated to encouraging and facilitating the opportunity for men and women 35 and over to play meet and play tennis with other seniors and enjoy the social contact...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • This Department provides information on a wide range of programs and services for everyone in the community, and particularly for people with disabilities.Please ring for more information.
  • The Australian Camps Association is a community organisation which strives to provide quality camping experiences for the people of Victoria.Information is provided to people wishing to use bunkhouse and cabin accommodation - usually in groups. Community...
  • Horse riding for people with low support needs. Riders must be able to sit and balance unassisted.Please ring direct for more information.
    New South Wales
  • Life. Be in it NT is a non-profit organisation committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages, interests and abilities to participate in a range of programs and activities leading to a healthier, happier and fitter lifestyle.
    Northern Territory
  • This centre provides many services, facilities and activities for local senior citizens.The Centre has its own indoor bowls club and arranges a weekly concert. In addition the Centre runs many recreational courses and clubs. Bus tours are organised...
  • This is the central body for bridge in Alice Springs. Please ring for details of clubs and groups who provide facilities, assistance and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like to participate.
    Northern Territory
  • Life. Be in it, is a self funding, non-profit organisation whose main objective is to encourage people from all sectors of our community to participate in an activity that they feel comfortable with, and to try new activities. Some of the activities (as...