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  • The YMCA is a non profit organisation striving to meet the needs of our community. Come and give us a visit, there really is something for everyone. Please ring for details of programs, facilities and assistance for people with disabilities who would...
  • A place open to all for sport and recreational activities. All programs are available for 'newcomers' at any time of the year. The Centre is mostly staffed by volunteers, and many more are needed. The more volunteers there are, the more chance the Centre...
  • The Hub Rereation Centre is a community based organisation which endeavours to cater for all the needs of the community. Our programs are mainly of an active nature, ie sports. The Hub Recreation Centre promotes recognition of the individual and...
    South Australia
  • The objectives of police citizens youth clubs are to promote programs and activities directed to the personal, physical and cultural development of children and adolescents. Citizens and police become aware of their responsibilities towards children and...
    Western Australia
  • Frankston Chess Club has over 45 members. We meet in in the senior citizens club of Frankston. Many children and adults play here and have lots of fun. We run ACF rated tournaments every school term with social chess being played every night.  
  • The NPA is a non-government nature conservation organisation supported largely by subscriptions from its members.The Association's first priority is to promote an adequate and well managed system of national parks for New South Wales. The main efforts...
    New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • This Centre is run by the Council of the City of Sydney.Through the recreation centres, the Council aims to enrich the lives and enhance the general wellbeing of people of all ages and abilities, by providing a diverse range of active and passive leisure...
    New South Wales
  • Advance Yacht Services Sailing School and Charter has a Yachting Association of WA accredited sailing master and instructor who will teach or take out sailing persons with varying disabilities on stable keel yachts in the sheltered waters between...
    Western Australia
  • The Echuca YMCA provides recreation and leisure activities for members of the community by young and old.The Echuca YMCA also manages the Moama & Echuca Sports Complex. The complexes are equipped for basketball, badminton, volley ball etc. The Echuca...